makeshift (in this room)

by he died while hunting



this song was composed, arranged and recorded on november 15 during a hazy day in some five hours in cedric's attic. it intends to capture fragments of what he died while hunting is; a sonic snapshot of common and uncommon feelings about our daily lives, our reminiscence of the past and the present, the heat and the waves, the cold and the snowflakes falling down, or just those days to come.

many thanks to our friends "boni sun" who made a wonderful video to illustrate this song:

available for free on the christmas compilation #3 made by totokoko label:


released December 1, 2012




he died while hunting Brussel, Belgium

hidden places, suspended times, unknown faces, empty lights, distant laughters. with reckless abandon, we are exploring those daily feelings that make us grow and drown, sometimes. we are here but there

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